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Belize Luxury Resorts

Belize luxury resort hotels are a superb luxury travel holiday destination with magnificent Mayan temples below spectacular rainforest canopies in Central America. Discover Belize, a country with magical archaeological sites, idyllic Belize luxury resort hotels, stunning national parks, and nature and wildlife reserves to enjoy on an exclusive luxury travel vacation. Furthermore, the country is also home to the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and a wide range of beautiful wildlife to enjoy while staying in a Belize luxury resort. Belize's long coastline is sheltered by the beautiful Barrier Reef and the country is the ideal luxury travel holiday destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Exclusive Belize luxury resort hotels include Maruba Resort, Belize Island Resort, Mopan River Resort and Humunasi Dive and Adventure Resort.

Exclusive Belize luxury resort hotels are located nearby spectacular national and archaeological parks and wildlife sanctuaries for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel vacation. Belize covers approximately 22 965 square kilometers and is located at the bottom of the spectacular Yacatan Peninsula. The picturesque island of Belize is surrounded by the vast Caribbean Sea, Mexico and Guatemala. There are many idyllic small islands located just off the coast of Belize boasting beautiful freshwater lagoons and white, powder-soft sand beaches to explore while staying at a Belize luxury resort on a luxury travel holiday.

The capital of Belize, Belmopan, boasts several magnificent Belize luxury resort hotels and is surrounded by lush forest. Furthermore, the Maya Mountains boast numerous Belize luxury resort hotels that are sprinkled throughout the lively city. You will love the delicious Latin American, Chinese and Creole cuisine with restaurants located nearby impressive Belize luxury resort hotels on your exclusive luxury travel holiday.

You will thoroughly enjoy your holiday in Belize staying in one of the Belize luxury resort hotels. Belize City is more than 300 years old and is the country's main financial area with spectacular colonial architecture, beautiful Belize resort hotels and home of the biggest seaport in the country.

The biggest draw card to Belize is the magnificent Great Barrier Reef which attracts thousands every year who stay in the spectacular Belize luxury resort hotels. You will impressed by the numerous beautiful Mayan temples and historic buildings that stand majestically over beautiful rainforest nearby impressive Belize luxury resort hotels. However, the lush vegetation is not the only reason Belize is such a popular luxury travel holiday destination. The numerous small islands, commonly known as  cayes, attract millions each year on exclusive luxury travel vacations boasting stunning coral reefs, pristine waters with beautiful tropical fish and other marine life.

The climate in Belize is quite hot, humid and sub-tropical making it the ideal luxury travel vacation destination with its spectacular Belize luxury resorts sprinkled throughout the beautiful city. The rainy season is between May and November and from February to May is the dry season. The temperatures vary depending on location and the cooling ocean breezes mask the high humidity.

The currency in Belize is the Belizean Dollar (BZD). ATM's are handily located on most streets for your ease and convenience and are located nearby impressive Belize luxury resort hotels.

Flying to Belize for an exclusive luxury resort vacation is very convenient, comfortable and stress-free. International flights fly via Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Miami. From London to Belize is 11 hours with a brief stopover in Miami and 8 hours from Los Angeles and 5 hours from New York. There are numerous airlines that fly non-stop to and from Belize daily from Belize City to the Philip SW Goldson International Airport (BZE), Belize City Municipal Airport and San Pedro Belize International Airport. The airlines include America Airlines, Continental Airlines, Tropic Air, Delta Airlines and US Airways& just to name a few. The numerous Belize luxury resort hotels are located nearby the major airports.