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Australasia Luxury Resorts

Australasia luxury resorts are nestled amongst picturesque scenery and reveal endless horizons, breathtaking southern beaches and beautiful tropical rainforests for you to explore on your luxury travel vacation. Australasia is an area which encompasses New Zealand, Australia, New Guinea and the numerous other tiny islands, which are home to numerous Australasia luxury resort hotels, in the eastern section of Indonesia. However, above all you will enjoy immersing yourself in the rich culture and mixing with the warm, friendly and fascinating people who pride themselves on delivering legendary first-class hospitality and service. Experience their genuine hospitality when you stay at your choice of one of the Australasia luxury resort hotels. Exclusive Australasia luxury resorts include Bedarra Island Resort, Hayman Island Resort, All Seasons Premier Menzies Hotel Sydney, Ana Harbor Grand Hotel Sydney, Avillion Hotel Sydney, Carlton Crest Hotel, ANA Hotel Gold Coast, Aruba Beach Resort Gold Coast, Wharekauhau Luxury Lodge New Zealand and Carrington Hotel, Karikari Peninsula New Zealand.

Exclusive Australasia luxury resort hotels are located amongst natural scenic beauty with relaxed coastal cities, sheer vastness and diverse cultures for you to enjoy on your luxury travel vacation. In Australia, you are sure to enjoy the remote outback, the magnificent coral island of Great Barrier Reef, cosmopolitan cities, tropical rainforests and pristine powder-soft sand beaches surrounded by crystalline glimmering waters with numerous Australasia luxury resort hotels. New Zealand, home of  The Lord of the Rings, is sparsely inhabited and boasting breathtaking scenery with volcanic dramatic landscapes, spectacular beaches, Australasia luxury resorts, active thermal areas and native forests. New Guinea boasts rare natural beauty, stunning architecture where more than 750 languages are spoken for you to enjoy on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. The beautiful farmlands, delightful seasonal festivals and colorful markets are guaranteed to impress you on your exclusive luxury travel vacation.

Australasia luxury resorts are the ideal luxury travel vacation destination to escape the frenzied pace of everyday life in relax in a tranquil environment. There are more than 7 000 pristine beaches in Australia, with many Australasia luxury resort hotels. The native vibrant Aboriginal culture is continuing to flourish today. In New Zealand you can experience a wide range of activities and attractions including skiing, bungy jumping, luxury boat cruises, scenic flights and fantastic walking trails through unsurpassed natural scenery on your exclusive luxury travel holiday. In the South Island you will marvel in awe at the magnificent snow-capped Southern Alps, beautiful southern waterways, deep lakes, stunning glaciers and verdant forests. The rich culture is reflected in the nation's superb art galleries and museums located within easy reach of the major Australasia luxury resort hotels.

The climate in Australasia is very warm, sunny and pleasant making it an ideal luxury travel holiday destination with numerous Australasia luxury resorts lining the magnificent coastline. The climate in Australia is arid, tropical in northern areas and temperate in the east and south. New Zealand is temperate with regional contrasts. New Guinea is tropical and there are southeast monsoons from May to October and a northwest monsoon from December through to March.

The currency in Australasia is the Kina in New Guinea, the Australian Dollar and the New Zealand Dollar. ATM's are handily located on most downtown streets for your ease and convenience and nearby all of the Australasia luxury resort hotels lining the spectacular coastline.

Flying to Australasia for an exclusive luxury travel holiday is very convenient, comfortable and hassle-free. There are numerous non-stop services that fly to and from Adelaide International Airport, Brisbane International Airport, Broome International Airport, Cairns International Airport, Darwin International Airport, Melbourne International Airport, Perth International Airport Sydney International Airport, Port Moresby International Airport, Auckland International Airport, Wellington International Airport and Christchurch International Airport. All of the magnificent major Australasia luxury resort hotels are located within easy driving distance of at least one of the airports in Australasia. The airlines that serve Australasia include Australian Airlines, Virgin Blue, Qantas Airlines, Origin Pacific, Air New Zealand, Freedom Air, Aircalin and Polynesian Blue& just to name a few.